Apocalypse Combat of the Angels by Leonor Fini from Joseph Foret's Famous Rare Book 1964 Postcard

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Leonor Fini (1907 – 1996) was an Argentinian surrealist painter, designer, illustrator and author, known for her depictions of powerful women and mythological paintings focused on eroticism and dreams. But the story of Fini herself is rather eclipsed by the story of this particular piece of art, because it was part of a truly unique book produced by Joseph Foret called The Apocalypse. Before I share that info with you, let me point out that this postcard, dated 1964, has a tack hole in the center!:( If you would love to have this card in more pristine condition and/or you would like more postcards from The Apocalypse book, let me know and I'd be happy to help you with that collection.

Thanks to French Wikipedia for the following information:
The Apocalypse of Saint John is a unique book designed in 1959 by the publisher of art books Joseph Foret with the collaboration of many artists and writers. It would be the most expensive and heaviest book in the world.

This book is produced, in three years, in a single copy, on parchment (150 sheets of 65 × 75 cm) under a bronze cover with decoration of gold and precious stones which alone weighs 150 kg, the book weighing a total of 210 kg.

The text of the Apocalypse of Saint John is illustrated, at the rate of 3 paintings by artist, by 7 painters representing the different trends of modern art: Salvador Dalí, Georges Mathieu, Bernard Buffet, Leonor Fini, Léonard Foujita, Pierre- Yves Trémois, Ossip Zadkine.

Seven writers of various specialties and convictions wrote comments, reflections or meditations on the apostle's text: Jean Cocteau, Jean Rostand, Daniel-Rops, Jean Guitton, Emil Cioran, Jean Giono and Ernst Jünger. Their texts are illustrated with engravings by various artists, including Jean Cocteau and Albert Decaris.

The bronze cover is by Salvador Dalí.

From 1961, the work was exhibited in different countries around the world for ten years. It was then bought in Switzerland and then in Japan before being acquired by the collector Christian Karoutzos who brought it back to France.

Apocalypse Combat of the Angels by Leonor Fini from Joseph Foret's Famous Rare

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