Smokin' Hot Sexy Frenchman circa 1940s Vintage Shabby Chic Photo Postcard Digital Printable

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On the back of my French carte postale photo of this sexy man, there is some scribbling in green ink and the only thing I can decipher is the name Gairy. An interesting web site I discovered online shows that most folks with that last name live either in the Brittany region of France near Rennes or down in the Pyrenees overlapping into the Spanish border. Whoever this mystery man is, he's certainly sexy and handsome. That comes through despite the authentic vintage wear on the portrait. Now, I'm not into cigarettes and smoking, but at his time frame (I'm guessing 1940s) everybody smoked. And truth be told, this guy would be smoking hot without a ciggie in hand!:) I'm offering him in all his rugged classic glory: specks, spots and ink stains.

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Smokin' Hot Sexy Frenchman circa 1940s Vintage Shabby Chic Photo Postcard

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