Item collection 56eb1a7f 348a 46eb 9656 6e80d8386303

21 Antique Victorian Postcards: Teens Teen-Age Girls Adolescents Handpainted Real Antique Photos


Item collection 5560b7e6 6153 4419 a352 76511ac5d3f6

15 Antique French Victorian Postcards: Children in Lavender


Item collection b38851bc 3efe 45ea afe6 3a72b43bf9dd

21 Antique French Victorian Edwardian Postcards of Children in Floral Garden Settings Fence Ladder Wheelbarrow Flower Carts


Item collection 2592a914 9cff 4c71 9a9d 4b5c8de20503

16 Antique French Victorian Edwardian Postcards of Children Ugly Stamps and All


Item collection f52ad010 4e0a 4500 9506 e8c278cdd658

15 Antique European Postcards: Glamour Ladies and a Mermaid in Black and White


Item collection 2c831b39 9c33 43a1 8914 93898d51b4a2

15 Antique French Hair Style Postcards: Victorian to Edwardian Curls, Waves, Ringlets and More


Item collection c011a5b7 e216 4bfd 8485 3b0ad26a7f8e

15 French Fashion Postcards: Victorian to Edwardian Real Photos Painted by Hand


Item collection fe7ce491 b0f0 43b8 bf29 df0b83976c21

15 Antique French Postcards: Country Girls and Victorian Maids


Item collection 3fd2ac9e 5f88 4c83 ba4b f950f3a89652

Veils and Long Hair: 18 Antique French Postcards Victorian Edwardian Glamour Ladies


Item collection e5ea8bfa 2849 4bce 90c9 8f884a1e7795

16 Antique French Postcards: Victorian Women Snow Skis and Fur


Item collection 385f7a42 0ca7 42db b3ca df2d1db61ce2

9 Antique French Victorian Postcards: Lavender Ladies Lot 2 Pansies Variety Real Photo and Illustrations


Item collection 2ce8e5c0 606a 4658 8d4a c66060656b93

21 Antique French Victorian Postcards: Pretty in Pink Lot 2


Item collection 21d670df c2fb 4391 b98b b09bd69c68ea

15 Antique French Victorian Postcards: Pretty in Pink Lot 1 Handpainted Real Photos


Item collection 3af01a16 cec7 4548 b767 e918432d10a3

23 Antique French Postcards: Women in Golden Orange and Yellows Marie Antoine Style to Art Deco


Item collection 195fed1c 967c 4b18 81f7 2a2092e1faf7

26 Antique French Postcards: Women in Green Edwardian Victorian and Art Deco Fashions with Florals


Item collection f9c94135 73dc 42f9 9ada 87f237c2b7b0

40 Antique French Postcards of Edwardian Boys and Men Mostly Color Tinted Real Photos


Item collection 804b7fd6 2f0f 4464 9ad5 c1b955bf64e4

89 French Antique Postcards of Victorian Edwardian Boys and Men Real Photo Color Tinted by Hand


Item collection 6026c211 12a8 491a a6d2 a462661972d3

38 Antique European Military Themed Postcards: Man in Uniform


Item collection f00983ea 4362 4822 b818 480daaa7f04c

Modern Paris Souvenir Postcard Certificate Seine Wanderer Art Nouveau Style French France


Item collection c4609d0a 0b84 4867 a082 792eaa05bb66

5 Black and White Real Photo Art Deco Postcards of Women


Item collection 93b5dbc6 0c6a 469f abb7 5d02ba1bfe57

3 Louise Brooks Style Art Deco Women French Postcards


Item collection 9d0aabe6 767f 4f25 9607 0dc749497237

Series of 3 European Real Photo Postcards Hand-Colored of Edwardian Couple


Item collection 9250e2cf 45d3 4dd5 96de 87ba6e39f5ff

Art Deco French English Postcard of Girl on Striped Green Couch with Puppy


Item collection 914d15bf 7799 4bcd a33c 7501da0dfcaf

Blemished Beauties Two Edwardian French postcards of Woman and Child Art Project Ephemera


Item collection 3482d37f a70d 47b2 8d7c cbcefca0fa95

3 Antique European Postcards for Art Projects: Glamour Ladies by Ethel Porter, San Marcos


Item collection 419c1744 4557 406e b937 466cd330b445

4 Antique French Postcards for Artists: Roses, Ribbons and More


Item collection 2f21db58 995c 43f0 8dff b41355e3b7d8

3 Assorted Antique French postcards Roses Fashion Lace Glamour Actress Reutlinger


Item collection 07416118 1094 41bf a0a2 c47e72f7c544

3 French Real Photo Postcards Colorized by Hand: Edwardian and Victorian Fashions


Item collection 2f245ce0 e9c7 4551 be59 7b522378be07

3 Antique French Postcards: Winter Gray and Pink Sequins Glitter


Item collection d48e6558 9943 469c a393 d4905cbce93f

5 French Holiday Postcards: Victorian Christmas, Edwardian New Year Mixed Lot


Item collection eef1493c 4247 449b b2d0 af8d4e481a42

4 French Victorian Postcards of Women in Winter Fashions


Item collection b3dda15c a580 41de 9d13 aed070ba897a

8 French Postcards: Women's Faces Fancy Hair Styles Edwardian to Art Deco


Item collection 523fbad6 85dc 4727 a0c2 f53075ed11df

Bon Marche Lot of 5 Antique French Postcards featuring Children


Item collection 2b239349 7575 4c52 8871 d49b840351ea

5 Antique French Postcards Roses with Embossed Fabric Overlays


Item collection a96dc027 bcc8 4dc5 b2e5 eb3abd732ce4

6 Antique Postcards of Roses for Shabby Cottage Chic Decor or Art Projects


Item collection 9207ffdc 7795 4b8a a77d bb86826f6f9e

Chartreuse Set of 6 Art Deco French Postcards: Real Photos Painted by Hand


Item collection e4f773eb 4092 42b3 b10a ad8c0eb0e854

4 Antique French Edwardian Christmas and New Year Postcards


Item collection f55a6dc8 3389 4689 8c42 96c81e0c5b73

Pretty in Pastels and Pink: 9 Antique Real Photo Postcards of Edwardian Victorian Girls


Item collection 810e7102 f9d3 497e af17 ea8bad3b8498

Bon Marche Lot of 7 Antique Postcards for Crafts: Country Folk


Item collection f13d4a1a b28d 48d1 add7 614ee1e5c70f

12 Orange Themed Art Deco Fashion Postcards from France


Item collection 74558236 e37a 4d67 b98c a7dc9c00b3c6

12 Antique Paris Postcards: Eiffel Tower, French Script, Tourist Sites


Item collection 652528d1 8a66 435f ab32 6f67f9b95ef4

5 Antique Postcards for Art Projects and Scrapbooking: Country Women Folk


Item collection 787aea62 0981 4088 a9ab 6f2b9a5d0e14

10 Antique Postcards of Women, Stage Stars and Illustrations


Item collection 374c2d2e 70ef 4ca9 a613 25c7c6129c49

12 Vintage European Bird Cards from Switzerland


Item collection f9425b31 90f4 411e b9ea d7d87e201e29

35 Antique French Chair Postcards from Museum of Decorative Arts Unused Instant Collection for Art Project


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