Lady at the Opera Confetti Celebration 1895 Figaro Cover 1200 dpi for Wall Art Poster Digital Printable

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This excited lady at the opera is the postcard version of the March 1895 front cover of Figaro Illustrated. It is by Dutch artist Frederick Kaemmerer (1839-1902). Her exuberance is contagious! Don't you feel happy and ready to celebrate just from looking at her:) I call her the Confetti Lady. There is indeed little confetti dots and dashes in this artwork but mostly it is the swirling streamers that catch our eye. Mailed in Paris in 1901. This is a rare postcard from a collection formerly owned by a Polish count, Benedict Tyszkiewicz, a well-known art patron who made Paris his home. I'm rather proud to have it in my personal collection now:)
Please note that this scan is 1200 dpi, perfect for creating wall art/poster sizes up to around 24 inches wide or so!

Embedded copyright. This scan is for personal use or commercial resell in PRINT form only. Commission- and royalty-free.
This image CANNOT be resold digitally or in collage sheets. With your purchase, you agree to these terms and you agree to NOT 'share' this image with friends:)

ALSO available and listed separately; use 'confetti' in the word search box:
Personal Use version with French script at bottom
450 dpi Version for Commercial Use, perfect for greeting cards

Just WAIT about 3-5 minutes and you will receive an email with the download link for Photo No.1 about 3.5 by 5 inches at 1200 dpi (without the watermarks, of course!). Easy peasy!

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