2 Vintage French Ephemera Perfume Lotion labels Ferns violets Gold Leaf Urn

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Product Description

I've always called these perfume labels, but technically, at the top it says "Lotion"! The design is the same but one is labeled "duo de fleurs" and the other is "violette mauve." The urn and pedestal are thickly golf leafed. The labels feel like a crisp onion paper. A little back story: A decade ago I bought a batch of perfume labels from a Frenchman and when I asked if he had any more, he said yes, about 4,000! You see, between the wars and the Great Depression, a lot of perfume/soap companies went bankrupt. He had the label stock of one such company! I bought his labels and still have hundreds of these left! Many of these labels date from the '30s and '40s, but some are also from the turn of the century. I'm not sure what era these 'fern' labels came from. They have an art nouveau look to me, but all I can say for sure is that they are original and vintage. Each label measures about 2.75 by 3.25 inches. Overall, for their age, they are in mint condition. Any blemishes are in the printing or the paper itself -- such as the black speck near the urn pedestal on the 'violette' label.

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