15 Antique French Postcards: Country Girls and Victorian Maids

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I'm letting the pictures do the talking for these bon marche batches. There's one group shot containing all the postcards you'll receive plus an upclose shot to show off the detail, quality, colors, etc. However, I confess, that the photos don't do justice and I feel confident in saying that when you have your cards in hand, you'll be impressed! Most of the cards have glossy finishes and trying to photograph them together, there is glare and a distortion of colors/details in the card next to it.

The central theme for this batch: country girls and maids.
Each card is about 3.5 by 5.5 inches. Real photos that have been painted by hand over a century ago. Some of the cards have color stickers verso as shown in the last photo.

This batch of cards range from shabby chic to very good. Most of these cards date to pre-WWI.
Still, many uses from scrapbooking, altered art projects to wall art -- a mat and frame does wonders to hide blemishes on antique cards. Or, turn into digital art! Another option: use hole punches and turn the cards into gift tags!

Any questions, feel free to send me a message and I'll reply within 24 hours. But please don't ask me to break up the lots:) It is very time consuming to scan and photograph individual postcards, calibrating the colors to look just right plus writing up an indepth description with the postal cancellation dates and such. By offering these antique beauties in batches, I'm saving myself lots of time and saving you lots of money:)

15 Antique French Postcards: Country Girls and Victorian Maids 15 Antique French Postcards: Country Girls and Victorian Maids

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